Robust, rapid-fire soundboards

Fast and powerful audio playback

Instantly play sound bites, audio effects, and music clips with your keyboard or mouse. Trigger audio on-demand or play clips in sequence in predefined lists. However you need to play sounds, Farrago is at your fingertips.

Podcasting & Radio

Take your podcast to the next level with sound effects, musical accompaniment, pre-recorded segments, and more.

Theatre & Live Shows

Arrange clips in specific sequences in List mode to accompany stage shows and other live performances. Help tell a story through audio.

Voice & Video Chats

Spice up your meetings. Music can make meetings more enjoyable, and the occasional sound effect can be fun too.

See Farrago in Action

screenshot of Farrago Control Devices

Tiles and Sets

Farrago's audio grid lets you lay out sound tiles in grids or lists. Use multiple sets to organize even the biggest audio libraries for fast access.

Customize With the Inspector

The inspector allows you to tailor each sound's settings to your needs. Set the tile name and color, add helpful emoji, and much more.

Tweak with the Edit Window

Need to remove a portion of audio or adjust fades? Farrago’s built-in audio editor makes it a snap.

Extensive Hardware Control

In addition to playback via keyboard or mouse, you can use MIDI, OSC or Stream Deck hardware to trigger playback and control Farrago.

Farrago's Fundamental Features

Fast Keyboard-Based Playback

Transform your keyboard into a soundboard. Play sounds instantly, just by pressing keys.

Full Playback Control

Powerful built-in playback controls make it simple to loop audio, adjust relative volumes, and much more.

Preview Audio

Test audio on a secondary device before you play it live, with the customizable Preview output device.

Search Your Library

A helpful search field lets you locate sounds in seconds, no matter how big your library is.

Search Freesound

Find new sounds for your use with integrated search of the wonderful Freesound database. Preview and download to your library for immediate use.

Use Apple Loops, Too

If you use GarageBand and/or Logic Pro, Farrago can also provide Apple Loops in its search results. Use them right in Farrago.

Easy Organization with Sets

Create as many sound sets as you need, based on show, mood, or anything else you like.

Smart Sets

Create dynamically updating sets based on powerful rules you configure.

Lockable Sets

Don’t want to mess up your set? Lock it. Working in a shared environment? Use a password too.

Grid Mode

Organize your tiles in a grid, for fast access to any sound you need.

List Mode

Use Farrago as a showrunner. Order your clips, add notes, then play them in sequence..

A Thoughtful Interface

From a beautiful tile-based layout to a dark theme perfect for studios or theaters, Farrago’s interface is designed with you in mind.

Built-In Editing

Farrago includes a built-in audio editor, so you can trim audio down to just what you need and apply fades as well.

Hardware Control

Control Farrago's audio playback via MIDI, Stream Deck, or OSC hardware devices.

Shortcuts Support

On MacOS 12 and up, Farrago offers integrations in the Shortcuts app to automate your usage of the app. You can also trigger any Shortcut you’ve made from within Farrago.

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For MacOS 11 to MacOS 14: Farrago 2.0.7 November 16, 2023 Release Notes
Older version of MacOS? Learn more about Legacy versions of Farrago.

What People Are Saying About Farrago

Daring Fireball
“A brilliant design — easy to understand, convenient to use, attractive — and it has one of the best intro videos I’ve ever seen.”

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“OMG, you guys did it!!! Purchased. Thanks for making this! Sorely needed, and I hope you sell a million copies.”

Scott W.

“Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈 Farrago is amazing, a much needed app”

Kev D.

Runner-up in 2018 for “Best Mac App”


“Farrago [is] an attractive and powerful soundboard app that is not only impressive in its own right, but also works in harmony with the company’s other audio apps, such as Audio Hijack and Loopback.”

Dan Moren, SixColors.com

“Finally, a software company makes an excellent soundboard application for the Mac. THANK YOU!”

James R.

“This looks terrific. I predict it will be instantly indispensable for podcasters. Great work from my friends at @RogueAmoeba!”

Chuck La Tournous

“Amazing app if you have the need for a sound board 👌🏼”

Iván C.R.

“Wow, delightful 💙As a stage technician in small theater venues, I have wished for this so many times!”

Pascal B.

“[A] great app for anyone making live radio/podcast performances. Really excited about this.”

Mark Bramhill

“Farrago is one of those apps that looks so well-designed I want to buy it even though I’m completely outside the target market.”

Marc C.

“Rogue Amoeba makes some of the best audio software in the business. Sines Co-Sines & Tangents will be using this”

Jared C.