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Turn your Android device into an audio receiver

It's an audio receiver right in your pocket. Using Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers for Android, you can send any audio from your Mac or PC to any Android phone or tablet. Plug in headphones to your Android device or dock it in a speaker, then send audio to it wirelessly from anywhere in the house.

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Fantastic Features

Receive Audio on Android

Send audio to your Android device with Airfoil running on your Mac or PC. Nifty!

Looking Sharp

Metadata, including track titles and album art from supported sources, is shown right in Airfoil Speakers for Android.


Stop audio playback right inside Airfoil Speakers for Android, without needing to quit the app.

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Airfoil Speakers for Android 1.0.3
Released September 15, 2016 (Release Notes)
For Android 2.3 and up

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