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Send any audio from your Mac all around your house and all in sync! Use Airfoil to stream to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods Touch, and even other Macs and PCs! Use Airfoil with music services like Spotify, iTunes Radio, and WiMP, web-based audio like Pandora, or any other audio playing on your computer. Airfoil for Mac lets you send your audio everywhere you like.

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Airfoil for Mac 4.9.2
Released December 4, 2015
For Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
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Before purchase, noise is overlaid on all transmissions longer than 10 minutes.
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Newest Features

  1. El Capitan Support Airfoil offers compatibility with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  2. Instant On Improvements The Instant On component has been updated to handle audio capture from Apple apps which now require it.

Recent Feature Additions

  1. New AirPort Express Image New Apple TV Support Airfoil works great with the new 2015 Apple TV.
  2. iPhone Icon Receive from iOS Devices Play audio from your iOS device out through your Mac! Airfoil can even help you send audio from iOS to multiple outputs.
  1. New AirPort Express Image New AirPort Express Support, Too Airfoil works great with the newest dual-band AirPort Express.
  2. iTunes Icon Receive From iTunes Too! Airfoil Speakers for Mac can also now receive audio directly from iTunes running on another machine.
  1. Menu Bar Mode Image Menu Bar Mode! After many requests, Airfoil can now reside solely in the menu bar. Proud to be Dock free!
  2. Enhanced Remote Control Icon Enhanced Remote Control Remote control and metadata now works with many new sources, including, Spotify, & Rdio. See a full list of supported sources.

New in Airfoil 4

  1. Reverse Connect Icon Reverse Connect Airfoil Speakers can now initiate connections back to Airfoil, to start receiving audio remotely.
  2. icon Improved Audio Grabbing The Instant On extra improves audio grabbing of System Audio, as well as apps like Google Chrome.
  1. Remote Control Icon Remote Control, Too Airfoil Speakers also offers remote control of select audio sources, including iTunes, Pulsar, and more.
  2. Album Art Icon Looking Sharp Metadata, including track titles and album art from supported sources, is now sent to Apple TV and Airfoil Speakers.
  1. Web Video Icon Play Web Video With Airfoil Video Player's new Web mode, you can watch Netflix, Hulu & more, in sync with remote audio.
  2. New Badge Icon A Whole New Look Interface updates for Airfoil, Airfoil Speakers, and Airfoil Video Player make them all easier and more fun to use.

Basic Airfoil Features

  1. icon Send Any Audio You're no longer stuck streaming only iTunes to your AirPlay devices.
  1. icon Multiple Outputs At Once You can send audio to multiple outputs around your house, all in sync.
  1. icon Many Supported Devices With Airfoil Speakers, you can send to many different devices, not just Apple's approved hardware.

Receive Audio on Mobile Devices

  1. iPhone Icon Send to Your iPhone... Get Airfoil Satellite.
  2. icon Android Too Use Airfoil Speakers for Android to turn almost any Android device into an audio receiver for Airfoil.
  1. iPod Touch Icon ...To Your iPod Touch... Receive audio on your iOS device.
  1. iPad Icon ...And to Your iPad! Even in the background!

Airfoil Speakers

  1. icon Audio On Any Mac Airfoil Speakers makes any Mac show up in Airfoil as an audio output.
  1. icon On Any PC Airfoil Speakers for Windows works just like Airfoil Speakers for Mac!
  1. icon Even Linux Airfoil Speakers for Linux means even Linux machines can receive audio.

Hardware Remote Speakers

  1. icon Send To AppleTV Airfoil can send audio to the AppleTV, and show great metadata!
  1. AirPort Express Icon AirPort Express Of course, Airfoil has always supported sending audio to the AirPort Express.
  1. icon AirPlay Speakers Airfoil even works with an ever increasing number of third-party AirPlay devices.

Airfoil Video Player

  1. icon Video Support Get local video & remote audio, in sync, with the included Airfoil Video Player.
  1. icon Dozens Of Formats Flash and Silverlight web video is supported, along with dozens of local video formats thanks to Perian.
  1. icon DVD Support Airfoil Video Player even supports basic DVD playback!

Even More Features!

  1. icon Web-Based Audio Send audio from Pandora, and more to your remote outputs.
  2. icon RadioShark Support Transmit audio from an attached RadioShark USB radio.
  1. icon Great for Music Services Use Airfoil to send music from services like Spotify, WiMP, or iTunes Music to your AirPlay devices.
  2. icon Powerful Audio Effects Airfoil offers a built-in Equalizer and controls for Volume and Balance.
  1. icon Apple Remote Support Remote control of several sources, via Apple Remote through Apple TV.
  2. icon Auto Transmit Airfoil's Preferences enable it to automatically transmit on launch.

User Quotes

Spotify + Airfoil = musical perfection in my apartment right now

Jonathan S.

I just had to write you and tell you how happy you have made me. I have recently acquired the amazing videos with the Vienna Philharmonic under Christian Thielemann playing all Beethoven symphonies. I have been very sorry that I could not play the sound through my AirPort-connected stereo but then I looked around and thanks to your video player I now have great sound. In sync!! I love you all! :-)

—Ian A.

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