It looks like you're currently on (Unknown Platform). Please note, Farrago only runs on MacOS.

Upgrade to Farrago 2

Move up to Farrago 2 at a great discount

If you own a license for Farrago 1, move up to Farrago 2 for just $25. Eligible license keys start with FEBE-.

Start by downloading the free trial of Farrago 2 right from our site. When you're ready to move up, just validate your older Farrago 1 license key below. The discounted upgrade pricing will be automatically applied.

Lost Key? If you don't know your exact license key, don't worry - you can recover it, then come back here to upgrade.

Note: If your Farrago license starts with MOJI-, you already own a license for Farrago 2, and you don't need to purchase anything. Just download the latest Farrago and enjoy!