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Airfoil helps you stream audio from your Mac to hardware devices supporting the AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Google Cast protocols. For even more streaming power, use the family of complimentary Airfoil Satellite companion apps. Use them to send audio to even more devices and to remotely control Airfoil.

Stream Audio to Computers, Phones, and Tablets

Additional Software

These applications can also be used to receive from Airfoil, but are not as fully featured.

Airfoil Satellite TV

The Airfoil Satellite TV app was created to work around previous issues with tvOS-based Apple TVs.

At present, Airfoil can stream directly to all Apple TV models, and this app is not required.

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Airfoil Speakers for Linux

Airfoil Speakers for Linux is a simple command-line tool to turn any Linux machine into an audio receiver for Airfoil.

Note: Though we strive to make Airfoil Speakers for Linux work for all, we do not provide direct support for it.

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