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Airfoil Speakers Touch

Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into an audio receiver

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It's an audio receiver, in your pocket. Plug in headphones to your iOS device or dock it in a speaker, and you'll be able to send audio to it wirelessly, from anywhere in the house. Using Airfoil, you can send any audio from your Mac or PC to any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Download Airfoil Speakers Touch directly from the iOS App Store!

Airfoil Speakers Touch 3.1.1
Released June 20, 2012
For iOS 4.0 and up
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Available on the iOSApp Store

Airfoil Speakers Touch receives audio from Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows.
It is provided free of charge to Airfoil users.


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New in Airfoil Speakers Touch 3

  1. iPad icon Full iPad Support Airfoil Speakers Touch now has a native iPad interface, with full Retina support. Gorgeous!

More Great Features

  1. Reverse Connect Icon Reverse Connect Airfoil Speakers can now initiate connections back to Airfoil, to start receiving audio remotely.
  2. iPhone Clicker icon Clicker and Tray Controls Airfoil Speakers Touch now responds to audio controls from headphone clickers, as well as in the task tray and lock screen.
  1. Remote Control Icon Remote Control, Too Remote playback control of select sources, including Spotify, Rdio, Pulsar & more, is now possible.
  2. Album Art Icon Looking Sharp Metadata, including track titles and album art from supported sources, is now shown right in Airfoil Speakers Touch.
  1. Stop Audio Icon Stop! You can now stop audio playback right inside Airfoil Speakers Touch, without needing to quit the app.
  2. New Badge Icon A Whole New Look Airfoil Speakers Touch has a whole new UI, making it easier to use and more fun than ever!

User Quotes

Airfoil Speakers on iPhone kicks butt. Listening to Browns game via on the desktop to the iPhone.

Joshua H.

That's a killer app! Been waiting for this one. Go n get it now

Christian H.

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Use It With...

Airfoil iconAirfoil

Use Airfoil on Mac or PC to send audio to Airfoil Speakers Touch. Download a trial, then buy it in our store!