Sorry: Radioshift is no longer in development.

On December 31st, 2011, Radioshift was retired from development and removed from sale. It is no longer available for purchase.

Q & A

1) Why did you cease development of Radioshift?

We created Radioshift back in 2007 with the bold idea of making recording Internet radio as simple as possible. We knew this would involve creating an application that merged several different pieces of technology: a guide full of streaming radio listings, playback of various streaming protocols, and a fully automatic audio recorder. Bringing these things together to create a seamless experience, especially compared to Audio Hijack Pro, would not be easy. However, we believed it was worth doing.

Unhappily, the low quality of existing streaming technologies has led to myriad issues for Radioshift, chief among them being failed recordings. As that was Radioshift's reason for existence, these failures weighed heavily on us. We hoped these problems would eventually be resolved by newer versions of the third-party plugins used for audio streaming. Instead, we've seen Windows Media streaming and Flash streaming rise to prominence, neither of which provide the seamlessness and reliability that we want.

Another problem came in the form of Radioshift's Radio Guide, which was powered by our partners at TuneIn. Since Radioshift was first created, TuneIn's business model shifted away from licensing this guide data to third-parties. The resulting uncertainty made it very difficult to work towards the future of Radioshift.

Put together, the sum of these issues leads to one troubling conclusion: Our vision of a simple, foolproof Internet radio recorder has not been met, nor can it be met in the near future.

We loved Radioshift and we had many ideas for its future. Unfortunately, it was simply not feasible to continue development. As a small company with limited resources, we need to allocate ourselves as optimally as possible. In this case, that sadly means shifting resources away from Radioshift entirely and towards other products.

2) If it's discontinued, can't I just have a free license? Or even purchase one?

Our agreement with the provider of the Radio Guide in Radioshift precludes us from adding new users. Even if it did not, that fact that Radioshift is no longer in development means that selling licenses to it would be questionable at best.

We urge you to look elsewhere for solutions. Our own Audio Hijack Pro and Piezo are both useful tools for recording Internet radio, and they're both in active development.

3) I already own a license for Radioshift. Will the software continue to work?

For existing users, Radioshift will continue to function just as it always has, including the Radio Guide. Further, it will be fully supported through at least the end of 2012. While we have no plans for future updates, we will release bug fixes as needed until 2013.

4) Where can I download it?

For users who already own a Radioshift license, it is still available for download from our Legacy page. You'll need a valid Radioshift license key to unlock it.

Please note: If you don't already own a license for Radioshift, it can no longer be purchased.

5) My question isn't answered above. Where can I ask a different question?

You can always reach us through our support form. If you have any questions, please let us know.