Pulsar is no longer being developed

Recent Moves by SiriusXM Have Forced Us to Retire Pulsar

Effective October 1st, 2012, Pulsar is no longer available for purchase. While it is still available for download for existing users, we have no further planned updates for it.

Why This Has Happened

Changes SiriusXM has made throughout the past year represent deliberate moves to lock out others. Pulsar has always existed at the mercy of SiriusXM, and their recent actions make it clear that they wish to lock out all third-party players. We enjoyed both making and using Pulsar, and we'll be very disappointed to see it go. It is clear, however, that SiriusXM wants you to do all your listening through their web-based players.

Current Status

Canadian FlagSirius Canada and XM Canada Users
SiriusXM subscribers in Canada are no longer able access their audio via Pulsar. SiriusXM Canada has moved exclusively to a new audio player, breaking Pulsar. We no longer have any way to access SiriusXM audio in Canada.

American FlagAmerican SiriusXM Users
SiriusXM subscribers in the United States can still access audio with Pulsar. Pulsar connects to an older player on SiriusXM's website, which is still functional at this time. Sadly, it is likely SiriusXM will remove this old player and break Pulsar's access at some point in the near future.

Next Step

Use SiriusXM's web-based player

At this time, the only truly reliably way to listen to SiriusXM is via their web players. It's clear that this is how SiriusXM wishes for listeners to hear their content.

SiriusXM US Player     SiriusXM Canada Player

Downloading Pulsar

For the time being, we are still providing a download link for the last version of Pulsar. This version can be used by already-licensed users in the US.

Get Pulsar 2.3.4 from on our Legacy page.

It is likely Pulsar will cease functioning soon. Please note, this version is not supported.