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Your Own Internet Radio Station

Broadcast music right from your Mac! With Nicecast, you can easily create your own internet radio station, playing any audio you desire to listeners from around the world.

Musicians and DJs use Nicecast to broadcast live shows to their fans. Terrestrial radio stations create their internet radio streams with Nicecast. And thousands of hobbyists create streams of their favorite music, for friends and strangers alike. Join them and create your own internet radio station, with Nicecast.

Broadcast Any Audio to the Internet

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Broadcast Apps & Audio Devices

Grab audio from audio applications like iTunes or DJing software, or capture from USB mixers and other audio devices.

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Stream to Listeners Worldwide

Nicecast's built-in server requires almost no configuration to get started. More popular streams can relay Nicecast's audio to a remote MP3 server.

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Use Dozens of Audio Effects

DJ a show with the VoiceOver effect, and use dozens of other audio effects to get that perfect sound.

Key Nicecast Features

Simple As 1-2-3

Nicecast is a snap to set up. Just
1) Select your source
2) Play audio
3) Click Start Broadcast. That's it!

Zero-Click Broadcasting

Once Nicecast is configured, you can broadcast just by launching the application.

Easy Listening

Listeners tune in on any platform with any MP3 player, from anywhere around the world.

Commercial-Free Radio

Broadcast your iTunes Library and hear your favorite music anywhere!

Live Shows And Events

Take a laptop and broadcast concerts, sports, lectures, and more.

Broadcast A Call-In Show

Plug in a microphone and use Skype to chat with callers.

Archive Your Broadcasts

Save broadcasts to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless or AIFF files.

Powered By Icecast

Nicecast provides a simple interface for the incredible power of Icecast.

Stream Control

Do you need to password protect your stream for extra privacy? No problem!

Adjustable Quality Settings

Use higher quality for great sound or support more listeners with lower quality!

Streaming Information

Song info is pulled from many supported apps to be shown to listeners, and track titles can be manually added as well.

Help From Server Checker

The built-in Server Checker makes sure your stream is accessible to the world.

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Get Nicecast

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Note: Before purchase, noise is overlaid on all broadcasts longer than 60 minutes.

Nicecast 1.11.12
Released September 12, 2017 (Release Notes)
For MacOS 10.10 or higher

What People Are Saying About Nicecast

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“Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast is the easiest, most flexible way to broadcast your Mac’s audio over a local network or the Internet. It’s an audio fan’s must-have.”

“I just want to salute you on your app Nicecast. I downloaded it today and then quickly purchased a license. Very cool.”

Darren C.

“You guys rock so frickin' much! Nicecast looks awesome.”

Chris H.

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“[I]f you'd like to listen to your home iTunes music -- or to any other audio emanating from your Mac -- from elsewhere”

“Nicecast so far seems like the raddest piece of software ever. And I thought Audio Hijack took the cake.”

Rick E.

“Damn!!! What a wicked product…I have been waiting for an application like this for ages.”

Damiano B.

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“Nicecast can help users create an Internet radio station, listen to songs from an iTunes Music Library from anywhere in the world, and more.”

“I'm sure you hear it a lot, but your products kick BUTT!!! Do you make cars? How about houses? If everything was made as well as your products, we'd all be A LOT happier!”

Jenny I.

“Just a 'you rule,'…As a sound and audio practitioner, I always end up needing your applications! What a relief, thanks for always plugging the holes!”

Brendan M.

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“Become an Internet radio DJ or stream your iTunes library over the Internet and let the world know how funky your tastes are.”

“I have to say how much I appreciate Nicecast. It changed my life! Using it I was able to pull off a live US-Australia-Canada music collaboration.”

Alex S.

“Everything just fell into place and worked swimmingly. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

Jason W.

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