Audio play-thru of input devices


In our long history, we've had two different applications featuring dedicated play-thru functionality. Both the now-retired LineIn and the still-in-development SoundSource made it possible to hear audio from input devices through your Mac's output. We know this play-thru feature was helpful for a small group of users in SoundSource 3, but ultimately, it was no longer a good fit for the application. In SoundSource 4 and up, the Play-Thru functionality was removed.

Though we are no longer selling a product explicitly aimed at providing audio play-thru, it is possible to use Audio Hijack for play-thru.

Using Audio Hijack for play-thru

Play-Thru, with Audio Hijack

The image above shows a basic play-thru configuration in Audio Hijack. This simple chains consists of just an input device block and an output device block, but with it, you can hear audio coming into your Mac via a microphone or other input.

Over time, we hope to better meet the needs of those who use play-thru in Audio Hijack. Please don't hesitate to send us feedback.

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