Setting Audio Hijack sessions to run continuously

For some uses, it’s helpful to keep an Audio Hijack session running continuously. If you're using Audio Hijack for play-thru, microphone effects processing, Broadcasts or Live Streams, you may want to have your Audio Hijack sessions running at all times.

That’s now possible, using features available in Audio Hijack and MacOS.

Starting Audio Hijack sessions at launch

It’s now possible to configure any session to run as soon as Audio Hijack is launched, with the Auto Run setting introduced in Audio Hijack 4. When the On Launch option is turned on for a specific session, that session will run as soon as Audio Hijack is opened. You can configure this setting from the Session List window, as well as any session’s Info tab.

Set the Auto Run setting to On Launch to automatically run sessions in Audio Hijack.

Launching Audio Hijack at login

Once a session is setup to run automatically when Audio Hijack is open, you can extend that functionality so that Audio Hijack runs whenever you log in to your user account on your Mac. To do this, you’ll configure your Mac to automatically launch Audio Hijack as soon as you log in.

Options for launching any app at login are available in System Settings, found under the Apple menu. Open that, then navigate to the General section, then the Login Items sub-section.

Use the + button to add Audio Hijack to the list of Login Items.

Configure Audio Hijack to launch at login.

Once configured thusly, logging in to your account will cause Audio Hijack to launch automatically. It will then run any sessions you have configured to run on launch.

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