Supported apps for an enhanced experience with Airfoil for Mac

Remote control and enhanced metadata with supported sources

Airfoil for Mac can stream audio from just about any application running on your Mac. With many popular audio applications, an enhanced experience offering both metadata and remote control is provided.

These MacOS applications offer an enhanced experience with Airfoil:

Airfoil Satellite for Mac

Audirvana Plus

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Radiant Player
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An Enhanced Audio Receiving Experience

When you stream audio from supported sources through Airfoil Satellite (or the older Airfoil Speakers), an Apple TV, or many third-party AirPlay devices, you'll see enhanced metadata, including track titles and album artwork. These outputs will also be able to remotely control audio playback in the source application.

Airfoil Satellite with Remote Controls and Enhanced Metadata

In the screenshot above, for instance, Airfoil Satellite for Mac is receiving audio from Spotify, via Airfoil. Album art and track titles are being shown, and remote control buttons are available to control playback.

Windows Applications Offering an Enhanced Experience

An enhanced experience with some applications is also possible with Airfoil for Windows. For details on supported Windows applications,see the Supported Apps for an Enhanced Experience With Airfoil for Windows page.

Supporting Additional Apps

Let us know any audio application you'd like to see work with Airfoil Speakers!

If you're a developer who makes an audio application, you can integrate with Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers as well. Start with this blog post, and send us an email.

Track Titles Only

The following applications provide Airfoil with track title information, but can not be remote controlled:

Remote Control Only

The following applications can be remote controlled by Airfoil, but do not provide metadata:

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