Does Rogue Amoeba have plans for a “Video Hijack” app?

As a result of the popularity of our recording tool Audio Hijack, we're frequently asked if we also offer a “Video Hijack”, for recording video content. Although the general concept is similar, the technology to power such a tool is entirely different. Our focus is specifically on audio, and we have no plans to develop a video capture tool at this time.

Fortunately, there are many video capture options available for the Mac. Apple's included QuickTime Player makes it possible to record the screen of your Mac, and there are many great third-party options as well.

Using screen capture tools with Loopback

When using a screen recorder, you may wish to record audio from multiple sources. Our audio routing tool Loopback works very well in conjunction with screen recorders. With it, you can capture and include the exact audio you want, with nothing missing or extraneous.

For more details, see this article on using Loopback in conjunction with screen recorders.