Accessibility authorization for SoundSource

SoundSource provides the ability to use keyboard volume keys, even with audio devices which don't support this by default. This feature is called “Super Volume Keys”, and it can be turned on from SoundSource's Preferences window

In MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and higher, SoundSource needs access to MacOS's Accessibility setting to provide this volume control. This page provides further details on ensuring that access is provided, so volume keys can work as expected.

Enabling access

When you turn on the Super Volume Keys preference, SoundSource will check if it has the access it needs. If it does not, SoundSource will bring you to this page in your web browser, and open the Security & Privacy System Preference to the Privacy tab's Accessibility section.

SoundSource should automatically be added to this section, but you'll still need to manually turn on its access. Start by clicking the lock in the lower left corner of the window.

Once you've unlocked the Security & Privacy preferences, you'll be able to turn on the checkbox next to SoundSource in this list. If SoundSource is not currently found in the list, use the [+] button to add it, and make sure the checkbox next to its name is on, as seen below.

You'll now be able to activate the volume keys preference in SoundSource's preferences window.

With this checkbox on in SoundSource, your keyboard volume keys will work with any output device, even those which don't support them by default.