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Microphone and audio device authorization for Audio Hijack

MacOS requires applications to obtain user approval to access audio from microphones and other audio input devices. This page details how this works with Audio Hijack.

Requesting access

The first time you attempt to stream audio from an input device with Audio Hijack, the system will show a dialog confirming that you wish to provide access:

Click OK in that dialog to enable Audio Hijack to access your input device. It will then be able to stream audio from the device, according to your configuration.

Fixing access issues

If you deny the system's request to provide Audio Hijack with access to your input device, Audio Hijack will be unable to stream audio from your audio device. If you attempt to stream this audio, you'll receive a warning message:

To fix this issue, you must provide Audio Hijack with the ability to access your input device. Follow these steps:

1) First, quit Audio Hijack.

2) Next, click the Apple () menu in the upper left of your screen, then select System Preferences.

3) Click the Security & Privacy option, then click the Privacy tab and select Microphone from the list on the left.

4) You should see Audio Hijack in this list, with its checkbox unchecked. Click that checkbox to provide Audio Hijack with the necessary access to stream from audio devices.

5) Now, re-open Audio Hijack and transmit from your input device again. This should now work as expected.