Purchase information regarding currency, taxes, and tax forms

Rogue Amoeba's products may be purchased through our store, from anywhere with internet access. The following information may be helpful for purchasers.

Purchase currency

When our store detects your location (or when you change the location manually), prices for the items in your cart are adjusted to the local currency. Note that these prices are estimates using recent exchange rates. The actual charge will be in US Dollars, with the exact amount shown.

Region-specific taxes

Our payment processor (Paddle) handles the actual sale of our software, and they are required to collect taxes in various regions around the world. These taxes vary based on your location. The full amount of your purchase, including tax, is always shown before you finalize your purchase.

W-9 / W-8BEN-E Forms

Institutional purchasers in the United States occasionally request a W-9 form. Because our payment processor (Paddle) is based in the United Kingdom, they provide a W-8BEN-E form. You can download that form below.

Download Paddle's W-8BEN-E form