Legacy versions for older operating systems

We always strive to maintain support for multiple recent versions of the operating systems our products run on, to avoid our customers being overwhelmed by the often too-rapid pace of change. However, as updates are released to these OSes, we must gradually remove support for older versions.

Current versions of our software won't run on older, unsupported OSes. However, we do still provide access to legacy versions which are compatible with those older OSes.

Legacy downloads

Our Legacy page allows you to download versions of our software compatible with older versions of MacOS, Windows, and Android. There, you'll find a list of download links for all legacy versions we have of our software.

Please note that while we expect these legacy versions to work fine, they are not supported. If you have an issue, our first recommendation will be to update your OS and move to a current version of our software.

When using iOS, the App Store itself provides access to older versions. If you're running an older version of iOS, you can download compatible software directly through the App Store.

How do I unlock these legacy versions?

All of our software, including legacy versions, must be unlocked with a license key. Purchasing a license key through our store will unlock the current version. It will also enable you to unlock legacy versions.

To unlock legacy versions of the software, simply purchase a license key through our store. If you need additional assistance, reach out to us directly.