Controlling Farrago with TouchOSC

Farrago can be controlled remotely using Open Sound Control (OSC). We provide an overview on using OSC with Farrago in the app’s manual.

In addition to OSC hardware devices, there are many software products you can use to create an OSC interface that works with Farrago. TouchOSC is a popular tool that offers versions for both the Mac and the iPad. Using TouchOSC and an iPad, you can easily control Farrago completely remotely.

We’ve created a simple TouchOSC template to help get you started. Download the TouchOSC template by clicking below:

Download Free Template

TouchOSC provides a canvas for creating your own custom interface, with controls like sliders, knobs, buttons, and text. These custom controls can then be assigned to OSC endpoints in Farrago, enabling you to create a powerful interface suited to your specific workflow. We hope you find this template useful.

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