Radioshift 1.6.7

Released on 9/13/11

  • A bug, introduced in Radioshift 1.6.6, where old versions of Radioshift Helper were not properly removed from Login Items has been corrected.

Radioshift 1.6.6

Released on 8/25/11

  • Several performance problems with the Radioshift Helper background application have been fixed, helping with memory leaks, crashes related to high CPU usage, and other crashes.

  • A problem on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) where Radioshift and Radioshift Helper could get out of sync has been fixed.
  • A rare crash which could occur on Lion has been fixed.

Radioshift 1.6.5

Released on 5/26/11

  • Radioshift now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

  • Radio Guide searches containing non-ASCII characters now work correctly.

  • An issue with some "Unsupported URL" errors has been corrected.

  • A Flip4Mac install problem, when Microsoft Silverlight was already installed separately, has been fixed.

  • An issue with iTunes Music Library paths and the Send to iTunes function has been corrected.

  • A string encoding issue with track titles has been fixed.

  • Radioshift now properly handles "audio/x-ms-asf" playlists.

  • Radiotime branding has been updated to the newer TuneIn branding.

  • Many other small stability fixes have been made.

Radioshift 1.6.4

Released on 12/12/10

  • An issue where certain streams could stop unexpectedly and play static has been fixed.

  • The Radioshift unlicensed text in the LCD now disappears immediately when Radioshift is licensed.

Radioshift 1.6.3

Released on 12/1/10

  • A workaround to handle AAC streams which incorrectly advertise themselves as AAC+ has been added.

  • A workaround to play plain-text playlists which incorrectly advertise themselves as HTML has been added.

Radioshift 1.6.2

Released on 10/19/10

  • A bug where automatic program schedule updates could use the wrong time zone, resulting in schedules that are off by one or more hours, has been corrected.
  • Other minor bugs have also been fixed.

Radioshift 1.6.1

Released on 10/1/10

  • A bug where updates to Flip4Mac were not immediately recognized has been fixed.
  • An issue where some streams did not properly begin to play has been resolved.
  • Program schedules updates now display more reliably.

Radioshift 1.6

Released on 8/31/10

  • Radioshift can now play AAC and AAC+ streams, adding hundreds of new audio streams.
  • Several Flash-based streams which did not properly play audio are now supported.
  • Radioshift now properly adjusts its output whenever headphones are plugged in.
  • Power failures no longer cause subscriptions to get stuck recording.
  • Sync between track titles and audio for MP3 streams has been improved.
  • A bug where the LCD could say "Playing" when the stream is actually stopped has been corrected.
  • Branding for RadioTime has been increased.

Radioshift 1.5.5

Released on 4/5/10

  • A time zone and Daylight Savings Time issue that caused some program schedules to be an hour off has been fixed.
  • A bug where programs added to Favorites failed to appear in the list of Favorites has been corrected.
  • A bug where Summary notes were occasionally lost has been fixed.

Radioshift 1.5.4

Released on 3/10/10

  • Radioshift's background web player now supports cookies, reducing advertising in some streams.
  • A bug where sending recordings to iTunes could sometimes get stuck and never finish has been corrected.
  • Program listings with no recording schedules are now properly filtered out.

Radioshift 1.5.3

Released on 2/3/10

  • Support for web player streams that perform User-Agent checks is now improved.
  • MP3 streams are now favored over other stream types, if reliability is equal.
  • The Genres view has been updated to reflect recent changes in the Radio Guide.
  • Streams requiring a username and password are now supported, for manual subscriptions.
  • The detection of lost internet connections has been improved.
  • A bug where "Tune In Live" was improperly enabled has been corrected.
  • A bug where programs in Favorites were improperly shown as playable has been corrected.
  • A bug where the Dock badge didn't update after deleting a recording has been corrected.

Radioshift 1.5.2

Released on 1/8/10

  • A bug preventing live listening ("Tune In Live") of Programs from the Guide has been corrected.
  • The listening history, seen in the History menu, is now properly preserved between launches.
  • The LCD display is now much crisper when displaying its trial reminder.

Radioshift 1.5.1

Released on 1/5/10

  • A bug which caused some DSL users to incorrectly get "lost connection" errors has been corrected.
  • Two uncommon stream formats, audio/x-ms-wax and audio/x-pn-realaudio, are now properly supported.
  • A display bug where completed subscriptions would incorrectly show a Next Fire date has been corrected.
  • Resizing the window will no longer cause contents to be scrolled to the bottom.
  • The minimum size of the window has been increased to 950px.
  • When Radioshift is in trial mode, it will now alert the user via the LCD screen.

Radioshift 1.5

Released on 12/30/09

  • Radioshift now plays thousands of previously unsupported streams, with access to streams previously only available via web players.
  • Radioshift now works harder to avoid issues with faulty streams, by reloading streams which disconnect, as well as trying back-up streams where available.
  • The Install Players window has been vastly improved, to provide one-click installation and updating of needed third-party players.
  • The Radioshift interface has been overhauled. The toolbar/playback area is now always shown, and many visual elements have been improved.
  • Radioshift is no longer directly affected by crashes or hangs in the audio playback engines (Flip4Mac, QuickTime and RealPlayer).
  • Airfoil can now properly pull any and all audio from Radioshift.
  • Radioshift now better supports both Windows Media Pro and QuickTime streams.
  • Auto-wake will now work with special home folders, including FileVault, as well as those across a network or on an external drive.
  • Radioshift now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
  • Radioshift now properly loads the last view seen at quit.
  • After relaunching, Radioshift now correctly finishes publishing any subscriptions which were in the process at quit.
  • Playback of audio from stations providing malformed playlists has been improved with better parsing.
  • Radioshift can now subscribe directly to SHOUTcast URLs, with no need for a playlist.
  • An issue where multiple clicks of the Listen button could cause playback to fail has been corrected.
  • Radio Guide searches no longer causes brief hangs.
  • Station logos are now cached, to speed up the display of search results.
  • Auto-wake no longer needs authorization after a Radioshift update.
  • Auto-wake errors will now be rarer, and better detected when they do occur.
  • Auto-wake now properly removes all scheduled wake events when a subscription is deleted.
  • A bug where Auto-wake could pop many request windows at once has been corrected.
  • Several issues which could cause Radioshift to hang at quit have been fixed.
  • Many memory leaks have been fixed.

Radioshift 1.1.4

Released on 5/4/09

  • Stream URLs are now checked and updated for guide-based station subscriptions.
  • MP3 playlists with tracks of differing bitrates are now properly handled.
  • The most reliable Radio Guide stream is now properly selected in all cases.
  • Scrolling in the LCD has been improved.
  • The Hide preference in the Accounts System Preference is now fully respected by Radioshift.
  • Schedule changes are now properly updated for station-based program subscriptions.
  • Accented characters are now handled correctly in recording file names.
  • Every track in a Windows Media playlist is now properly played.
  • Unnecessary warnings about accepting incoming connections to Radioshift Helper have been eliminted.
  • A QuickTime bug that could cause audio looping when the stream stops has been worked around.
  • A Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) bug that could cause problems with stream redirects has been worked around.
  • The Japanese FM radio band is now fully supported with RadioShark hardware.
  • A rare crash in playlist handling has been fixed.
  • Expired subscriptions are now always reset to pending after editing the schedule to record in the future.
  • A problem where the "Starting Radioshift Helper..." window could improperly stay on screen has been fixed.
  • High CPU usage that could occur when playing some MP3 streams has been reduced.
  • Compatibility with future Mac OS X versions has been improved.
  • Invalid BBC program schedule dates are now better handled.
  • Several memory leaks have been fixed.

Radioshift 1.1.3

Released on 1/14/09

  • Station-based program subscriptions now properly tracking schedule changes, automatically.
  • A bug where RealAudio streams could fail to record has been fixed.
  • Multiple bugs with timed recording, including issues with automatic time zone adjustments as well as issues with timing at the end of a year, have been fixed.
  • Radioshift now more intelligently chooses a player, fixing a rare issue where some audio streams would play silently.
  • A bug where day of the week wasn't set correctly for non-recurring programs has been fixed.
  • An exception in the date picker caused by bad date from the Radio Guide for BBC has been fixed.

Radioshift 1.1.2

Released on 12/10/08

  • Improved handling of MP3 playlists.
  • Popular list now uses data from RadioTime.
  • Radioshift now loads all icons in the background, fixing a temporary pinwheel when searching in icon mode.
  • Radioshift again works properly on old G3 machines.
  • After subscribing to a program with a recording schedule, Radioshift no longer automatically enters editing mode.
  • The default volume level for recording and playback is no longer set incorrectly.
  • Editing the end date of an expired subscription now properly triggers new recordings.
  • Improved progress indicator at the beginning of a recording.
  • Fixed a bug where a deleted subscription could still start recording.
  • Speed up the display of search results
  • Fixed a drawing bug where in-progress recordings in the recordings list.
  • The recordings list now sorts by newest item first.
  • Fixed an obscure bug where an exception was raised by deleting a subscription that was already in editing mode on launch.
  • Added 60 second timeout for unresponsive ICY servers.
  • Improved several error messages.
  • Fixed several memory leaks.

Radioshift 1.1.1

Released on 11/17/08

  • A new and improved playback engine better handles hundreds of MP3 streams.
  • Radioshift now automatically reports player problems to the Radio Guide.
  • Updated to LAME 3.98-2 MP3 encoding engine.
  • Appearance: Improved the appearance of player and recording error windows.
  • Appearance: Removed the dash character "-" from the end of the scrolling text.
  • Appearance: Improved the appearance of the volume control.
  • Appearance: Put custom recording format preference in a sheet.
  • Bug fix: Recording are now scheduled to start on the minute (:00 seconds)
  • Bug fix: Recordings table no longer shows progress bar after recording finishes.
  • Bug fix: Subscriptions with a slash character "/" now work as expected.
  • Bug fix: Radioshift no longer creates duplicate recording folders.
  • Bug fix: Player errors no longer cause redundant messages.
  • Bug fix: Subscription editing errors are no longer incorrectly labeled as stream errors.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a regression from 1.0.5 where some streams mistakenly said no player was installed to handle the format.
  • Bug fix: Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a rare crash with bad internet connections and highly buffered MP3 streams.

Radioshift 1.1

Released on 10/6/08

  • Added recording status indicator in system menu bar.
  • Added a separate subscription editing view, which uses standard Mac OS X editing controls.
  • Fixed bug where pressing the Cancel button when editing a date didn't really cancel.
  • Fixed bug where recording date was invisibly changed to today when editing the time.
  • Fixed bug where a new subscription started recording while still being edited.
  • Edits are automatically saved when you switch away from the subscription view.
  • Recording progress is now displayed in the Recordings table rather than in a separate view.
  • Set the album tag for recordings.
  • Bug fix: after extending recording time, subscription was prematurely labeled as completed in sidebar.
  • Eliminated "FSMakeFSRefUnicode returned error -43" message in console log when recording.
  • Bug fix: deleting a subscription while it's recording didn't stop the recording.
  • Fixed Helper crash on recording error.
  • Errors are now associated with particular items in the Recordings table.
  • RS reports an error whenever the stream ends before the recording is done.
  • RS reports an error whenever a recording file cannot be produced.
  • Fixed bug where recording errors were lost after logout or restart.
  • Fixed bug where RealPlayer errors were ignored.
  • Automatically report recording errors to RadioTime.
  • Updated Sparkle to 1.5b4, which includes crash fixes.
  • Updated LAME to 3.98b8.
  • Fixed Radioshift crash when loading genres.
  • Other miscellaneous crash fixes.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Radioshift is now code-signed.
  • Enabled vertical resizing of Recordings table.
  • Longer timeout waiting for Helper to launch.
  • Fixed bug where play/pause icon wasn't updated in Recordings table.
  • Eliminated "Illegal NSTableView data source" message in console log when launching.
  • Eliminate "playing next track" messages in console log.
  • Fixed bug where a recording that ends early is not listed as completed in the sidebar.
  • Fixed bug where Radioshift could not connect to helper after changing the time zone.
  • Radioshift warns when you attempt logout during a recording.
  • Fixed bug where some streams were sampled at the wrong rate, so the recording sounded sped-up.
  • The world view now remembers its last location rather than defaulting to the US.
  • The sidebar now indicates when you're editing a subscription.
  • Fixed bugs caused by deleting an edited subscription.

Radioshift 1.0.5

Released on 3/21/08

  • Programs selected via a specific station are now recorded from that station
  • Now features preferences to intelligently filter Guide results
  • Improved Popular section
  • Improved support for international date formats
  • Fixed a rare crashing bug when recording to MP3
  • Improved error messages and many other minor fixes
  • World View now wraps around
  • Tweaked the breadcrumb Guide UI to label the root page
  • "Noise Added - Please Purchase!" now added in the recorded files name
  • Improved error messages when streaming server connections fail
  • Subscription editing now uses Duration rather than an end date. Facilitates recording past midnight

Radioshift 1.0.4

Released on 12/10/07

  • Recording location is now adjustable in the Preferences window
  • Fixes a Leopard-only issue where connections to Radioshift Helper could fail
  • Adds the ability to move the Radioshift recordings folder using an alias
  • Improvements to Radio Guide scheduling and updating
  • Fixes a rare bug where Radioshift could crash when editing a Subscription
  • Improves rendering of button titles on Leopard
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Radioshift 1.0.3

Released 10/26/07

  • Full Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Support
  • Radioshift will now follow aliases for its library (~/Music/Radioshift can be an alias to someplace else).
  • Subscription menu changed to provide to options for New Subscriptions with, no sub-menu
  • Recordings now show the date recorded in their title rather than the episode number
  • We now store recordings in per subscription folders in the Radioshift library.
  • Reliability improvements

Radioshift 1.0.2

Released on 10/9/07

  • Support for more audio streams, including some iTunes URLs and other 302 errors
  • Built-in support for submitting Radio Guide corrections
  • Now properly stores RadioTime accounts
  • List view now shows proper counts
  • Manual timers across midnight now function correctly
  • Several other minor bug fixes
  • Now supports some iTunes URL streams
  • Now correctly handles loss of Radioshift Helper
  • Hidden Preferences for AM/FM tuning options
  • Fixed a bug where LCD text displayed improperly
  • Added text to the Recording Options button
  • Adjusted names of Edit/Finished buttons for editing Subscriptions
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused Login Items to be removed
  • Adjusted error for when Guide is unavailable.
  • Properly handles missing files in Recording Bins

Radioshift 1.0.1

Released on 11/16/07

  • Improved reliability when subscribing to some guide listings
  • Improved intelligence of Radio Guide listings
  • Improved reliability of waking machine from sleep and powering on
  • Corrected a failure bug with the "Send to iTunes" option
  • Corrected a bug with MP3 recording which caused files to be incorrectly recorded as AIFF files
  • Corrected a bug where adjustments to recording settings were not respected
  • Corrected a bug with backend communications to ensure the application knew it was unlocked
  • Added links to automated Radio Guide checker
  • Fixed a rare crash with invalid image data

Radioshift 1.0

Released on 9/24/07

  • Initial release