Our privacy policy


We believe strongly in the right to privacy, and do all we can to protect the privacy of our users. Our privacy policy can be summed up with one simple and straight-forward statement: We don't sell or rent any of your data to third parties, ever, period.

We earn our living by selling software, not by monetizing your private data. Further, we collect as little data from you as possible, in an effort to avoid issues even in the event of an undesired or malicious leak.

Version Checking

In order to provide you with the newest features and fixes, our software periodically checks with our servers to determine if a newer version is available. If so, you will be given the choice to update. To perform this check, the software sends its name and current version, as well as your current OS version. No personally identifiable data is sent.

You have the ability to opt-out of this version checking, via the application's Preferences window. if you turn the “Automatically check for updates” option, the software will no longer communicate with our servers. We strongly recommend leaving this version check on, and always running the latest version of our software, but the choice is yours.

Worth mentioning, the software will never overwrite itself with a version requiring additional payment (new versions requiring a paid upgrade must be downloaded manually).

Anonymous Usage Statistics

When version checking is enabled in some of our applications, anonymous usage data is sent to our servers. This data is used in aggregate to see how customers use our software, and to help guide future development of the software. It can never be linked to a specific person.

Developer News

Our applications also periodically check for critical news about the software, which will then be displayed within the app. Like version checking, this check requires some basic data including the name and version of the software, as well as your operating system. As with version checking, turning the “Automatically check for updates” option off will prevent the developer news check.

Email List

Our software displays a one-time prompt to sign up for our email newsletter. If you enter your email and opt to join, you'll be added to a one-way mailing list for the relevant platform. You can also join our lists through our site, or when making a purchase.

Our lists receive major news on our products, sneak peeks at forthcoming releases, and special discounts and deals. We generally send about three emails per year.

Every email we send offers a clear and functional unsubscribe link, so you can instantly remove yourself from our list. You can also use our website to control your membership on our mailing lists, with the Unsubscribe page.

Our email list is kept strictly private, and we do not sell, rent, or share access to it with anyone, at any time. By necessity, our lists are provided to our mailing list service provider, but the addresses on the lists are never used by anyone else.

Third-Party Services Used

In the course of running our business, we work with a number of trusted third parties who provide us with specific services. We vet these companies before working with them, to ensure that they take your privacy as seriously as we do.

  • Campaign Monitor: Mailing list services

  • Fogbugz: Hosted support help desk software

  • Paddle: Payment processing for purchases through our store

  • Pair: Hosting for our web server

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