Radioshift Touch

Sorry: Radioshift Touch is no longer in development.

On February 27th, 2010, Radioshift Touch was retired from development and removed from the App Store. It is no longer available for purchase.


1) Why did you cease development of Radioshift Touch?
The biggest reason is that Radioshift Touch was not financially successful. As a small company, we need to devote our resources where they earn the best return.

Radioshift Touch, and the iPhone in general, have not proved fruitful for us. As such, we're continuing to focus on the Mac.

2) Will Radioshift Touch continue to work on my iPhone?
We're not shutting off anything on our end, so until such time as an iPhone OS update causes a problem, Radioshift Touch will continue to work just fine.

3) Will there be an iPad version of Radioshift Touch?
Radioshift Touch is retired and there are no plans for any new versions. Sorry!