Quotes from Nicecast users

No support question, just praise for how well Nicecast works. Thanks for a great product and a very good value. Everything should work as well as Nicecast!

—Ron L.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been using Nicecast for over 6 months to do my weekly Internet radio show. I am extremely pleased with this software! It is so easy to use and I have had zero problems with it! It is soooo much better than when I had to use ShoutCast on my PC.

—Joe C.

I elected instead to try Nicecast...it's been flawless for live broadcasting. Far more straight-forward than the Windows competitor I was asked to use. In fact now, I'm the only broadcaster on the station who isn't constantly suffering software and hardware difficulties. Love it.

—Mike M.

It's brilliant! Just what I've been looking for for checking mixes without having to bounce down to an audio file first. Check them in the lounge, the car, the bathroom - make small adjustments and repeat.

—Ian G.

Everything just fell into place and worked swimmingly. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

—Jason W.

You make great Macintosh software! I have Airfoil and Nicecast and use them and love them!

—Derek D.

First I have to say how much I appreciate Nicecast. It changed my life! Using it I was able to pull off a live US-Australia-Canada music collaboration.

—Alex S.

Just a 'you rule,' not a support question. As a sound and audio practitioner, I always end up needing your applications! Nicecast just pushed me over the edge...What a relief, thanks for always plugging the holes!

—Brendan M.

I just downloaded, tried, and licensed nicecast. Thanks for such a nice implementation of Icecast, you named the program quite right. I switched to Mac recently, and I tried to set up a Windows Icecast server on the past with a lot of effort and reading. Today I set my server in no time, and effortlessly.

—Luciano P.

I'm sure you hear it a lot, but your products kick BUTT!!! Do you make cars? How about houses? If everything was made as well as your products, we'd all be A LOT happier!

—Jenny I.

NiceCast is incredible! I can't believe the excellent software that you guys make. Audio Hijack Pro is one of the ABSOLUTE musts I believe in for the Mac.

Now, you come out with Nicecast. Man, this thing is wonderful. And it is too simple to use. I really can't believe how easy this thing is. And so well designed. I have to go to sleep and get to work, but I am up late THRILLED with this software. You people are incredible. Don't stop. Your work is appreciated. I am going to try and spread the word.

—George T.

Installation was flawless. I took it to the 365 chat and three fellow broadcasters tuned in and reported a very good sounding stream at 24k mono...Nicecast seems to work like a champ! Looks really great! I'm purchasing.

—Lee G.

You guys did a great job - I'll definitely be purchasing the app!

—Mark A.

Damn!!! What a wicked product...I have been waiting for an application like this for ages.

—Damiano B.

Nicecast so far seems like the raddest piece of software ever. And I thought Audio Hijack took the cake.

—Rick E.

You guys rock so frickin' much! Nicecast looks awesome.

—Chris H.

I just want to salute you on your app Nicecast. I downloaded it today and then quickly purchased a license. Very cool. Now I don't have to bring any music with me to work.

—Darren C.