Quotes from Fission users

Fission is one of the best apps I have ever bought! It makes editing audio easy and painless.

—Sue H.

I love to use both Audio Hijack Pro and Fission. I like the way they fit together and have the controls that I need I have been using them both for a long time now.

—Raymond W.

I have been looking for a program to create ringtones for my V3t (on my Intel iMac) and your program is the best of breed. Great Program!

—John M.

I'm in love with #fission from @RogueAmoeba ! It's totally awesome and saves me a lot of time when editing band recordings


I love @RogueAmoeba software! Audio Hijack Pro and Fission are AMAZING applications.

Alan R.

If you ever need to split a long audio file or mixset to fit on a CD-R, Fission from @RogueAmoeba is choice.

Jeff C.

Fission 2 is out from my buddies at @rogueamoeba. Beautiful re-design by @antichrista, a wonderful app all around

Daniel Jalkut

Fission 2 is one of the best and easiest audio editors out there.


If you work with Audio Files - use Fission

Kevin B.

If you're looking for an elegant and easy-to-use lossless audio editing program on the Mac, check out Fission

Andrei M.

And as always, Fission warms anal-retentive hearts by editing lossy-compressed audio files *without* requiring them to be re-compressed!

John Siracusa

Personal recommendation: Go buy @RogueAmoeba new version of Fission. It's even better than v1.

Russell F.

Fission is the app that replaced SoundEdit 16 for me. Fission 2 is even better.

John Siracusa

"Fission 2.0 is out" -@rogueamoeba "My money, take it." -Me "Do you want a free trial first?" -@rogueamoeba "Nope." -Me


Just used Fission 2 to edit some AHP recordings I had lying around. A great update to an already superb application. Well done!

Rob W.

Fission is the one app I could not have done without over the last 3 years. Fission 2.0 looks great.

Simon E.

Was bummed to see SoundtrackPro wither on the vine. Excited about Fission2 from the smart @RogueAmoeba folks - bought.

Michael B. Johnson

Audio Hijack Pro and Fission are two of the best, simplest, and most useful apps I've ever used, bar none.…These two apps have made me seem like a genius to my digitally-challenged musician friend. Some of the guys he plays with aren't going to be around all that much longer, and your software is helping me preserve their incredible playing -- plus my friend's, who's an awesome but underappreciated talent.…You guys rock…Better value for software I've never seen.

—Stan H.

Excellent upgrade…very useful additions you've made to an already nice little editor. Multiple files open alone is worth the fee. Thanks for very good products.

—Edward B.

It's beautiful. You guys are artists.

Merlin Mann

Thank you! If this is what is meant by "going Rogue," I'm all in. Congratulations on your release!

—Baron C.

Great update and really like the product. I capture audio…via Audio Hijack and like to quickly edit out silence at the front of the recordings as well as increase the audio volumes. Fission can do this quickly, easily, and in no time flat!

—Mike F.

Wow, this is exactly, perfectly what I need! I'm a music nut, record player nut, but really don't like to always have to get up to lift the tonearm or go to it when I'm in the middle of something else. Even though I find that digitizing the LP's loses maybe 15% of the straight vinyl, these Fission files are SO close that I'm completely amazed! Congratulations on your excellent work, and thanks again!

—Gerald W.

Kudos to your team! I just have to say I've been using Audio Hijack Pro and Fission for several years...and the software runs perfectly! Every time I use the software I'm always amazed how intuitive and easy it is to use and the sound quality is top notch. Its one of my fav apps. Keep up the good work!

—Rob S.

I've been using Fission to help with my vinyl-to-digital project for the past few days. I'm just writing to say "Thank You" for such a useful and well designed app. First off, it never crashes. That's a "real good thing"[TM]. The tools in the tool bar are exactly what I need for the work I'm doing. It makes a somewhat tedious job go very quickly -- and even downright fun! Keep up the good work. And special thanks to the UI designers and engineers on Fission.

—Neville N.

I didn't really realize ...how valuable your straight-forward interfaces in Fission would be for breaking an audio recording into segments. I recently did a breakdown of Ben Bernanke's 60 Minutes interview for example, quickly chopping the file into some 96 segments. I started out in GarageBand, but it was taking so much longer to accomplish the task that (being familiar with how fast you can do this in Fission) I opened the file in Fission and just started over. I was done in one quick pass, and no kidding, in maybe 10 percent or 20 percent of the time or effort it was taking in GarageBand.

—Mike M.

I smell a hit.

—John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Thank you for Fission. This program has stopped my wading through Cubase, Garage Band, Audacity, and continued frustration with one program weakness or another. Fission is so smart, it makes everything possible I need for editing video for Final Cut Express and video production recorded on a Zoom H1, and it doesn't require mind-boggling worthless hoops to jump through to get the job done.

—Ken N.

Thank you for writing such a simple program for editing MP3s without having to convert them, it saves me so much time!!

—Mike R.

I've consistently been impressed with the polish and quality of your products...I recently bought Fission. Wow. The UI is beautiful but in a useful way and the functionality overall is fantastic.

—Andrew E.

Just to let you know Fission is absolutely awesome...thank you! We were trying to edit a 12 hour audio book using Final Cut Studio 2 and it kept bombing! So we tried Quicktime Pro, Audacity, plus a few others which also couldn't just couldn't cope. Then we stumbled across Fission and it breezed through the edits and output without any headaches whatsoever! Moreover, it also allowed us to control the ID3 tags and artwork in one space, so we are one very pleased customer! Keep up the good work...it makes Apple's own audio software look like a joke!

—Jim C.

I've got both Audio Hijack Pro and Fission and they are simply amazing, making the digital transfer of my old audio tapes a very easy process and for one very full iPod :-)

—Carl S.

I had to use Audacity today for a project due and dang that sucked compared to Fission!

—Mykl G.

A straightforward, no-nonsense editor that does precisely what you need. Elegant and easy to use, it's the ideal companion to Audio Hijack.

—Steve C

Best new app of 2006: Right now my leading contender is Fission. I'm constantly having to cut and snip audio, and Fission gives me exactly what I need without sapping the heck out of my laptop, even the older ones. And once I'm finished editing, I can just save the file without having to recompress it. Very nice, especially for MP3s, because there's no quality loss. Amazing how much I can do with Fission, Audio Hijack Pro, QuickTime Pro, and GarageBand if I need it.

—Derrick Storey, O'Reilly Mac DevCenter

This program works great. I'm a huge fan.

—David S.

A great, intuitive little app that I enjoy using.

—Karl S.

Thanks for an application that hits a critical sweet spot of function vs. features. It's just right.

—Matt M.

I love Fission, by Rogue Amoeba. That's right, I said it. Do not judge the love between a man and this piece of powerful, yet simple to use, audio editing software.

—Scott McNulty, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com)

...the most stupidly simple and useful audio editor for the general user. No more do I have to fiddle around with the start and stop times on individual tracks - and I can finally chop out the masses of silence some bands use to hide tracks at the end of CDs...I'd just like to congratulate you on an excellent product at a wonderful price.

—Graham N.

Thank you so much for Fission!!! It's quite obviously the missing link - and the UI is spectacular. Nice work.

— Peter O.

Genius Product!

—Gareth J.

Your program, after opening and using it one minute beat them all on beauty and ease of use, hands down!

—Greg M.

My jaw dropped with surprise, as this app is exactly what I have been looking and waiting for...good work!

—Philip K.

Just used Fission to split a recent Audio Hijack Pro recording into two parts, so that I can keep the best part. Brilliant!

—Leo J.