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What's New in Airfoil for Windows 5

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With Airfoil 5, you can stream audio from your Windows PC to more devices than ever. Version 5 adds support for sending audio to Bluetooth devices, along with many other improvements.

Read this page to learn about the latest version, and remember, owners of older versions of Airfoil are eligible for a heavily discounted upgrade to Airfoil 5.

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Major Updates in Airfoil for Windows 5

Chromecast Devices

Bluetooth Device Support, Too

There are thousands of different Bluetooth speakers or headphones, and now Airfoil can stream to these as well. If your Windows can see, Airfoil can play to it.

Chromecast Devices

Create Speaker Groups

With Speaker Groups, you can combine multiple outputs into one for faster control. Create zones, then send audio to multiple speakers with a single click.

And Much More...

AirPlay Devices, Too

Of course, Airfoil 5 is still the best way to send any audio from your Windows PC to your AirPlay devices.

Multiple Outputs, in Sync

Send to any combination of AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Chromecast devices, and hear your audio in sync.

Meet Airfoil Satellite

Use the new Airfoil Satellite on iOS, Mac, or Windows to receive audio and remotely control it all.

Silence Monitor

Use the new silence monitor to have Airfoil automatically disconnect when silent audio is streaming. It's great for workplace or shared home setups.

Custom Equalizer Presets

Airfoil's Effects window now allows you to save custom EQ settings. Adjust the Equalizer until it's just right, then save a preset for later use.

Interface Enhancements

We've refined the interface in Airfoil with improvements like longer volume sliders, as well as attractive new colors and icons.

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