Quotes from Airfoil for Mac users

I LOVE Airfoil. I’ve been a user for a few years now and wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome product. Please keep up the excellent work!

—Bill T.

Your Airfoil and Satellite products are the best products since the invention of the speaker. Keep it up!

Adam D.

Rogue Amoeba, you complete me! This update along with AirFoil Satellite gives me what I have been wanting forever; the ability to play to all my speakers Airplay AND Bluetooth and control the entire home playing experience using my phone… Apple Remote + Airfoil Speakers + Bluetooth = ❤️ Thanks!


Thanks for #airfoil kick ass update! Really the #best #airplay #speakers manager! Office is shaking.

Ignazio L.

I'd just like to say that your latest version of Airfoil and Satellite are the bee's knees. You've done a fantastic job, and have finished the missing link in my setup at home.

—Greg V.

Amazing! Thanks all. Update looks great :)

—Thomas C.

I have been using airfoil for 7 years and LOVE it!!!

—Robert B.

I LOVE Airfoil. As they say, "it just works" every time, painlessly, no fuss, no muss. I listen to music all the time and without this my "whole house" music strategy and architecture would not work. Fantastic! Really nice job - one of my personal Top 5 pieces of software. I continually check the website to see what other cool things I can't live without! I don't know anything about code or operating systems or any of that stuff, but I know a great user experience when I encounter one. Thanks guys!

—Mort P.

I love Airfoil! It changed my whole home entertainment experience for the better...the WAY better.

—Ben A.

Your software has transformed my life!!!! I can listen throughout my home - practically every room - and music streams at the same time!!!! THANK YOU

—Debbie G.

You are doing really good job, thank you for your software! It help me a lot. Keep rocking! Cheers from Czech Republic

—Jakub B.

I love Airfoil...getting new computer. And installing again. I highly recommend it. Been using it for years.

Alida A.

I'm just writing to let you know how thrilled and impressed I am with Airfoil for Mac. It cost less than the stupid cable I use to get audio out of my MacBook Air and into the main amp, and I don't trip over your software. The install, UI, functionality and simplicity are truly fabulous. It's slick, clean and most important of all, works "out of the box" first time, reliably doing what you say it's going to do. If you doubled the price, I'd still pay that smilingly. Well done and congratulations.

—Peter C.

Hey guys just wanted to send a quick note letting you know that you've done some great work and I am a very satisfied customer.


You guys rock. Keep it up. Great app!

—Jonathan P.

Thanks for getting Airfoil out...to be able to port my web favorite via Airport is just great. Hope it opens up a good market expansion for you!

—David B.

I have used Audio Hijack for quite a few years, with great pleasure. Recently I have started using Airfoil - mostly to listen to Spotify through Airport Express and my sound system. Of course, this works brilliantly. So, I thought I would start the year telling you how much I appreciate your products.

—Ken N.

Airfoil by @rogueamoeba continues to be the best $$ I've ever spent on software. Use it all the time.

Dan B.

Kudos to @RogueAmoeba, AirFoil takes best software of 2012 in my books

Chris W.

Airfoil is one of the best purchases I've made in awhile--highly recommended for all music lovers w/ an Apple TV!

Gabe P.

turntable.fm + airfoil = perfection

Matt W.

I need to tell you that Airfoil may be the best invention since sliced bread... you have changed my life.

Ariel H.

No problem at all. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that this is a brilliant piece of software and I'm very impressed indeed. Thank you - well worth the money.

—Russell S.

Just felt compelled to write and thank you for such great, intuitive and affordable software solutions. You are a rare gem, even in the Mac world (which has a much higher bar than most). In particular, I have been looking for months for robust but simple ways to stream audio across my macs (Airfoil) and record online audio in real time (Audio Hijack Pro). Your software not only does all this and more, but the interface and aesthetics are pure Mac ... clean, stylish and logical. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

—Brock B.

Airfoil is one of the best pieces of software I've ever had on my mac. Puts Spotify on my home sound system! Genius.

Mark L.

Just upgraded to Airfoil 4 and holy $#!% it rocks! definitely worth it.


Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE Airfoil! It works perfectly and accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to do. YAY! What a breath of fresh air(foil)!

—Mary W.

I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for providing such an awesome service. Airfoil is just the thing I've been waiting for, for sooo many years. It's just awesome. Nothing to say. The features are mind blowing. You have all my respect.

—Simon J.

I just wanted to say thanks for saving our Halloween party! Airfoil is a rock-solid solution that is well worth its price...thanks again!

—Chris K.

I just had to write you and tell you how happy you have made me. I have recently acquired the amazing videos with the Vienna Philharmonic under Christian Thielemann playing all Beethoven symphonies. I have been very sorry that I could not play the sound through my AirPort-connected stereo but then I looked around and thanks to your video player I now have great sound. In sync!! I love you all! :-)

—Ian A.

I just want to say "Thank you!" for a great piece of software. GREAT JOB!!!!

—Carsten H.

One of the best mac apps i've ever purchased

John R.

I found a way to get xmas music all over my house. I heart AirFoil and some Apple hardware I already have. $25 compared with $1800.

Andy K.

You are stars! I've been trying to stream Spotify to my iPod touch. Tried this. Tried that. Tried the other. Then Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers. Perfect. Note to self - go to Rogueamoeba first!

—Gavin R.

Whoah nellie! @RogueAmoeba Airfoil and Airfoil Touch is amazing esp with Spotify. Thanks so much. Best $25 I've spent in a while.

Kirk L.

Got to admit it @Spotify + @RogueAmoeba's AirFoil is a pretty sweet combo to have 15,000,000 [tracks] playing around the house!


Try Airfoil from @RogueAmoeba if you have an AppleTV or Airport Express. Best piece of software I own.

Dennis C.

Spotify + Airfoil = ♥ Thanks @RogueAmoeba !

Christian T.

Loving Airfoil, great way to get the studio pumping with cool tunes

Ross S.

spotify + Airfoil = a mean home stereo solution!

Chris C.

Airfoil+@Spotify+Apple TV= WIN

Sascha D.

impressed by #Spotify & Airfoil combo... Music going all over the house.


Spotify + Airfoil = musical perfection in my apartment right now

Jonathan S.

If you have an Apple TV 2G and don't have Airfoil, you're missing out - It's super awesome :D

Darcy L.

Spotify & Airfoil is a match made in heaven! Jammin out this morning. #ilovetechnology

Meridith O.

Airfoil Speakers Touch - another awesome component of Airfoil. Allows one to Airplay off a Mac and send to an iOS device.

Zac C.

Congrats on this latest version! You folks rock…Graphics are great as well as the usual fact -- Rogue stuff just plain works as expected!

—Laurier S.

Airfoil has always been one of my favorite Mac apps. Excited about these updates.

Mauricio B

Brilliant update to a great Mac app.

Kerry M.

The all-new Airfoil Speakers is awesome. Streaming from iOS devices right to my stereo setup rocks. Thanks @RogueAmoeba

David B.

New Airfoil Speakers looks 100% awesome. Exactly what I've been waiting for.

Mike A.

Airfoil. It rules. Go get it.

Joshua Topolsky

Thanks for such a great product, and I am loving the Airfoil Video Player. Keep up the wizardry!

—Rick S.

I must reiterate my love for Airfoil & Airfoil Speakers. Perfectly sync'd music through the whole house, using iPhone Remote.app to control.

Andrew H.

Wow, Airfoil is amazing. Great tool.

Carl C.

AirFoil 4 is AWESOME!!!

Joseph T.

Must have software for anyone with an Apple TV

Chris E.

Upgraded to AirFoil 4 from rogueamoeba today, excellent application that I use daily and a great upgrade price!

Peter W.

Loving wirelessly streaming music from Spotify to speakers at home using Airfoil. Geek I know but it's nice not to be chained to speakers.

Gareth E.

Airfoil Speakers on iPhone kicks butt. Listening to Browns game via NFL.com on the desktop to the iPhone.

Joshua H.

Upgraded to Airfoil 4 - web videos finally in sync when using my AirPort Express speakers! Good job @rogueamoeba

Daniel Y.

Loving the AirFoil 4 update from @RogueAmoeba to watch TWIT Live web video in sync with the audio to multiple remote speakers... Sweet!


Streaming Big Spider's Back all over my house thanks to Airfoil 4. So much win in this release it's unbelievable. Thanks again @rogueamoeba

Josue S.

This is pretty awesome. Streaming iTunes to two laptops and my iPad currently.

Jay M.

Using airfoil 4 to stream to every available speaker in the house, new feature streams to iPad plus others! #bestappever #rogueamoeba

Kelly B.

Airfoil rocks! Now listening to Pandora from my desktop on my stereo via wifi to AppleTV and HDMI to my amp. Easier then it sounds.

Travis W.

I've got to tell you, I discovered Airfoil as a result of finding Pulsar which I found since Sirius can't yet stream via internet/web site to Macs. I'm so glad I did. My wife, who isn't easily impressed with technology / gadgets, was blown away when I started sending music of any kind/source anywhere in the house. I tell anyone who'll listen about it, too. Thanks again for your help, and pass on kudos to the product development gang.

—Tom T.

Not a bit of a problem! I'm a real luddite and I got this to work in no time. Thanks for a great product. You have solved my need for a way to broadcast music from my mac to my stereo and my bead room. What a fantastic product!!!! I could not be happier.

—Richard C.

FYI, I've been in search for a few years for something that could stream not just from iTunes but all audio from my computer using airport express to multiple sound systems simultaneously throughout my house. This does that and I love it !

—Stephen D.

Real cool product - thanks for developing it. Keep up the good work !!!

—Suresh M.

Airfoil is genius; I didn't even think such a program existed.

—John B.

I'm fairly confident in saying that Airfoil is the only real solution and that maybe Bose could learn a thing or two from Rogue Amoeba.

—Shad B.

No problem whatsoever - I think it's awesome that you've figured out how to wirelessly transmit to the iphone/touch/ipad…So glad I bought this a while back. THANK YOU!!

—Matthew H.

AirFoil works better to stream audio to my AppleTV than iTunes does. iTunes kicks an "unable to connect to remote device" while AirFoil connects every time, no problem. Aces!

—Ryan B.


—Thomas D.

I've been using the Airfoil for the past week or so, very cool product and has made my home music experience much better! Will definitely refer to my friends and family.

—Peter L.

I love Airfoil -- great tool, and I tell everyone about it.

—David E.

By the way, the Pulsar/Airfoil combination is really terrific! Works great, and I get to enjoy my XM subscription all over the house. Thanks!

—Alan M.

I'm just happy some crafty software engineers built the hack we all want. Thanks Airfoil.

—Fred Wilson, avc.com

Airfoil is just fantastic. When friends come to my home, they can't believe that I'm streaming to my patio, living room, family room, etc. You guys do a great job.

—Christopher C.

I use Airfoil and Radioshift regularly on my Macbook, by the way, and appreciate them enormously.

—Chuck S.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! This program kicks ass! Ya'll rock. Thanks for being smart and making great software.

—Anna L.

Thanks for Airfoil. It's attractive and works well. Made things a lot easier around here :)

—Max T.

Love this program! Listening to Pandora on my Mac and my Express Speakers is fantastic. Great stuff, should be a standard Mac feature!

—Brook B.



I am an Airfoil addict!! :)

—Aileen L.

Just want to let you know that your product Airfoil is fabulous. We were looking for a product to let us play Internet music through our house speakers through our Airport Express and the Airfoil did the trick and perfectly. Worked easily and very well. Great product!

—Liz D.

I want to thank you for a great product! Instead of buying an expensive Wifi audio receiver, I now use my iPhone to send audio from my PC to my stereo. Great!

—Stan J.

Thanks again for your great customer service!!! I'm good to go again and loving your product!

—Daniel C.

Thanks for putting a great app out there for us to purchase and use. So far it has worked perfectly.

—Pete S.

Airfoil = The best thing to happen to the AirPort Express. Ever.

—Matt B.

I have been a long time admirer and user of Rogue Amoeba Software and this app just threw me over the edge! This is an incredibly intelligent niche product that solves a seemingly little but BIG issue in the sound distribution department. I use it for a complete home and office sound solution that is in perfect sync at all desired locations. Other options would cost much much more or are too irritating to manage on a regular basis. I also make this portable on the iPhone by controlling iTunes via the Remote App. Respect!

—Kal C.

I wanted to take some time to say how much I truly appreciate your software...It's great that your software just works! I'm happy to recommend it to any and all my friends and family. Keep up the great work!

—Steve S.

It's flawless! It's brilliant! It just plain works! And I have more control than I would have with an Airport Express.

—Eric N.

Thanks from South Jersey & much continued success with your company! Thanks again for unheard of customer support!

—Jeff S.

Great software!

—Chris B.

Please pardon my French, but this IS F***ING AWESOME!!! Thank you so very much! You hurricane rock! I just love the elegance of the solution.

—Valdan V.

An Apple store referred me to your site when asking for a way to steam Sirius over my house speakers from my Mac/Internet. You guys are much more affordable than Sonos's $1,000 solution!!!!

—Allan F.

Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil 3.1 is that rare program that takes a complex task, makes it drop-dead simple, and includes only what's absolutely necessary. Airfoil is a near-perfect application that's razor sharp in its focus, and Zen-like in its simplicity.

—Rich Mogull, TidBits.com

Fantastic! Like Audio Hijack Pro, this software is just a breeze to use. Thanks!

—Keith T.

Brilliant, and thanks! I'm trying everything, and it's right there. Again, great app...Detour and now Airfoil are definitive, and I will recommend them to everyone.

—Frank F.

And there I was just thinking 'I wish I could play other audio players through my airport express'. You've filled the gap! Many thanks.

—Owen L.

Thanks again for Airfoil - just the best thing for ages!

—Adam S.

Ducking hell, it works. I'm buying a copy. Congratulations, and thank you.

—Julien S.

Thanks for another great product. I've enjoyed AHP since it came out and have been looking forward to this one since you first announced your intentions.

—Steve N.

You completely rock. Rock rock rock. I've been saying that folks like Rogue Amoeba will just fix this problem for us. Thanks!

—Glenn F.